Wednesday, March 13, 2019

A Sword and Planet adventure featuring Wardy Derson, Repairman


Wardy woke up in an alien forest. He was fascinated by the strangely-colored beasts (some with six legs, some with three horns, some with one eye) crawling through the thick overgrowth of the petrified forest around him. But what consumed his mind was finding out how he got here.

The last thing Wardy remembered was a flash of purple light searing his vision, the concussive blast that pinned him to the bulkhead, the wailing of a banshee and the sound of the hull peeled open.

But before that, he was repairing a shield module on the pirate cruiser, Syreen. A flotilla of Triclops fighters and boarding craft came out of the void in striking the Syreen from all sides. Mercenaries, Wardy thought. Hired by a rival or some guild, perhaps, to claim the bounty on Captain Rena Kataklos' head, ship, and her crew. And perhaps a bonus for recovering the Syreen's prisoners and cargo. Pummeled by the attacking ships, the Syreen's defenses and systems were failing. Pirate marines escorted Wardy out of the holding cell and marched him to the aft section of the cruiser, and yelling at him to repair the aft shields. Right now and right quick. Many of the shield capacitors were fried. The readouts indicated that the shield was down to 12% strength.

Wardy started to work on patching the wires and replacing the blown capacitors when boarding craft breached the hull. our-armed, four-legged, barrel-bodied aliens crashed through the breach. Yes, these aliens have a reputation for mercenary work. Wardy kept on with the repairs trying to ignore the clash of chain-swords and blaster bolts, the chorus of screaming alarms and the shouting of one of the pirate officers. Something about the void drive. Wardy got the shields up to 65% when he was struck blind and knocked out. 

Stats: Wardy Derson 
Human Level 0, Str 14 Agi 8 Sta 11 Per 8, Int 14, Luck 10  
Hit Points: 3

Equipment: Blackjack, Assorted Tools, Small Hammer; Credit: 0.24  
Alignment: Neutral (with a tendency to Chaotic)
Preferred conflict and problem solving approach on d20: Clever (1-10), Flashy (11-16), Careful (17), Forceful (18), Quick (19), Sneaky (20)

Resources: DCC RPG, Phantasmagoria Sword and Planet Zine #1, Crawljammer #1, Scarlet heroes

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